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The ultimate rush of a lifetime


Bringing together the best of a Flash mob and Photography for an experience of a lifetime!

For those who are trying to figure out what the limelight feels like, you need look no further. Experience one day where you come out as the celebrity of the day. Madglare is about recognizing people who have a proven VIP status in their own rights. Unlock the rush of MADGLARE'S VIParazzi.

With millions trying to break into the Hollywood craze and all the entertainment worlds there are, it becomes important to give everyone their one day or several years of celebrity fame if they can afford it.

Experience a MADGLARE moment and you won’t soon forget!

Experienced Photographers

Get swarmed with attention by some of the most seasoned photographers in America. Your day of heart pumping fun just arrived.

Executive Treatment

You will be treated like the super star of the day. -The Brad Pitt of the entertainment industry or the Will Smith of tomorrows greatest encounter.

Accurate Targeting

We make sure all our photographers target their camera on you, flashing away and giving you a reason to own the day.

Perfect Timing

Our client synchronized systems makes sure we don't miss a beat. You will be the star right from the moment you walk on the scene.

We accept all major debit and credit cards.