Understanding how we can best assist you is our main priority. The gift of a true photographer is the ability to capture a memory that you won’t soon forget. On this page we would give you an opportunity to see what kind of questions might provide the best answers to an experience with MADGLARE.

Q: What is MADGLARE?

A: MADGLARE is an entertainment based company that specializes in creating celebrity like paparazzi moments for anyone looking for that experience on an occasion of their choosing.

Q: How long is a MADGLARE experience?

A: The experience varies, however every client is expected to choose how much time they need in the MADGLARE experience when photographers are booked. For example entrance and exit times if it is applicable to client. There is a  minimum of 30 minutes expected when booking appointments, however if client is booking entrance and exit times, then client must factor in time he/she would be at venue so that photographers can be available to capture exit experience.

Q: Who is responsible for taking my pictures?

A: Depending on the kind of package booked, the photographers assigned to that client will be responsible for identifying client and taking pictures of client based on certain client identification protocol to be carried out by client.

Q: How do I know they will be able to identify me when I arrive at the scene?

A: We have established a protocol that would allow seamless identification of our clients at the scene of the scheduled/booked event.

Q: What kind of clientele does MADGLARE attract?

A: We believe anyone that can afford paparazzi treatment at any location, or anyone looking for an opportunity to be treated with a celebrity like moment can take advantage of the offerings at MADGLARE.

Q: How much does it cost ?

A: All cost is based on job detail and expectations of client at the scene of event and therefore is unique to each client. Check out packages. We have the Code Yellow, Code Blue, Code Red and the Ultimate Disruptor all with their own unique prizes.

Q: Do you provide other channels of attention outside of photographers ?

A: For a price we can add a news crew to the event but it must be booked well in advance of the scheduled photography.

Q: What kind of events do you provide the MADGLARE experience for?

A: Any event or occasion where a celebration, attraction, award, or attention driven spectacle is taking place.